16/03/2013 – Don’t Judge My Family responds to stay at home mums

In response to an article in the Telegraph about Conservatives using marriage tax allowance and other financial policies to support “traditional families” with stay at home mums, Julianne Marriott from Don’t Judge My Family said:

“The marriage tax allowance discriminates against every child who lives in a single parent family, whether their parents are divorced, widowed or never married, children whose parents are in a loving but unmarried relationship and children who have two working parents. David Cameron has described the marriage tax allowance as a “signal”. We believe that spending over half a billion pounds on a signal, in a time of cuts to childcare and family allowance, is a disgraceful sop to traditional voters disillusioned with his party.”

The marriage tax allowance would be worth about £150 a year to about a third of all married couples – ones that include a breadwinner, paying the standard rate of tax, and a homemaker.

Julianne Marriott continued, “Don’t Judge My Family believes that £500m could be much better spent on helping every child in every family, such as providing access to counselling to keep families together or Sure Start or other schemes to help all of our children, instead of judging families.