Cameron: what planet is he on?

Today the Daily Mail reported that David Cameron wants to introduce a marriage tax break within the next six months. This would mean him picking a fight with his closest political ally the Chancellor – who doesn’t want to do it – and, of course, Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister.

A Don’t Judge My Family Spokesperson said “Given yesterday’s news that we avoided a triple dip recession by the skin of our teeth, how can Mr Cameron find half a billion pounds to spend on false moralising about marriage? ┬áHard working single parents, widows, and those who choose not to marry will be asking themselves what planet he is on! How dare he tell us one type of family is better than another.”

David Cameron says he wants to “send a message” that marriage is best. Don’t forget to sign up┬áto send a message back: Don’t Judge My Family!

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