PM says “not now”, we say “never”!

The Daily Mail reports today that several cabinet ministers are piling the pressure on the PM to introduce the marriage tax allowance, in part, to appease members of his party who are uncomfortable about next week’s gay marriage vote. Apparently, the PM is “absolutely committed” to the policy, but he is unlikely to introduce it next week.

Don’t Judge My Family is urging the PM not introduce such a judgemental policy next week, nor any week! The policy actively discriminates against widows, single parents, people who choose not to be married, and couples who both work. The government has no right to judge how we choose to live our lives.

We agree with Nick (Clegg) who said today “we think it’s unfair on people who have just chosen, and are free to choose not to get married, to be told “Well you’re going to have to pay higher taxes than people who so happen to have decided to get married.” If he feels so strongly, he should tell his MPs to vote against it, not to wimp out and abstain, as he is currently letting them do.