All families matter

The Daily Mail today features the group Mothers at Home Matter who warn that the non appearance of the marriage tax allowance could force mums to “abandon their children”. They add that the lack of allowance also threatens “‘cohesion of society’ by undermining the family”.

It is the marriage tax allowance that would undermine families as it only rewards traditional families: ones with a married couple and where one of the couple (the “Mother”) stays at home.

The Conservatives described their proposed marriage tax allowance as “sending a signal that we understand the value of commitment”. Which also sends the signal that they do not understand, or approve of, the commitment of families that are not married. That includes the almost two million lone parent families with dependent children, some whose commitment to their children meant that they left abusive partners, as well as 1.8 children who live with in families with a cohabiting couple.

The Daily Mail reports that dozens of Conservative MPs are planning to back a move to amend the Finance bill (the budget) to force and introduction of the allowance. It also  states that there are 1.2 million households with children where one member works full time and the other doesn’t earn.

We do not believe that families should be pitching against each other or that the government or any pressure group should judge any family. We believe that the half a billion pounds that the marriage tax allowance would cost should be spent supporting every family – whether that’s on schemes that every child can access such as Sure Start or providing cost effective counselling that would really help families stay committed.