Campaigners tell Tories: Don’t Judge My Family

Commenting on the Tory high command’s promise to bring in tax breaks for married couples, Julianne Marriot, campaign director of Don’t Judge My Family, said “temperatures are running high in the Conservative Party, but let’s take a cold hard look at the facts. A tax break for married couples is Mr Cameron’s way of telling us that we should conform to his fantasy fifties family of a breadwinner and a home maker which is completely out of step with modern Britain. We think great families come in all shapes and sizes. David Cameron has said the marriage tax allowance would “send a signal” that marriage is best. Our campaign sends a signal back – don’t judge my family!”

By giving £150 to married couples with a breadwinner and a homemaker, David Cameron is discriminating against:

  • the one in four children growing up in a single parent family
  • widows and widowers
  • people who leave abusive relationships
  • working parents
  • committed couples who choose not to be married.
Don’t Judge My Family believes that the government should spend its money helping all families not judging them. If you’re a journalist and want to get in touch, please contact Julianne on 07976 821960.