Help, don’t judge say WAY (Widowed and Young)

WAY Widowed And Young, the national charity supporting young widowed men and women, has responded to Don’t Judge My Family’s call for evidence to say that they are “very disappointed that the government is introducing tax breaks for married couples at the same time as it is planning to cut benefits for those who are widowed with children.”

Georgia Elms, WAY Chairman, continued “Widowed parents, through no fault of their own, can no longer enjoy the benefits of a traditional married life and will not be eligible for the marriage tax allowance as currently envisaged.

“At the same time the Government is introducing changes to the financial assistance received by widowed parents. The Childhood Bereavement Network estimate that 90% of new claimants would be worse off under the proposed new scheme and those with younger children will be particularly badly affected. These changes will further disadvantage affected families leading to an often unplanned return to full-time work with consequences for the care and upbringing of bereaved children.

“We believe that the Government should use the funds earmarked for the marriage tax allowance to amend their proposals for Bereavement Support Payments to bring about a system that is simple for families to understand and underpins the crucial support they provide to their grieving children.”

WAY Widowed and Young were responding to a call for evidence by Don’t Judge My Family, the campaign against the marriage tax allowance.  They are calling for evidence from organisations and individuals to find alternative uses for the funds earmarked for a marriage tax allowance. How should the Government use £700m a year to support families, sustain relationships or give children the best start in life?

More information on the call for evidence is available here. The deadline for responses is Friday 18th October 2013. You can tweet us @dontjudgemy or by using the hashtag #helpdontjudge