Higher marriage tax breaks?

There’s a letter in tomorrow’s telegraph, with some arguing for the marriage tax break to be higher than planned. (It’s already currently due to cost of £600m a year, which is more than the bedroom tax would cost to repeal!)

The marriage tax allowance would go to only a third of married couples, those with a breadwinner and a homemaker. Even MPs in favour of marriage tax breaks admit £150 a year won’t make more people get married or stay married. It’s more about promoting a fantasy fifties family. It would discriminate against single parents, widows and widowers, married couples who both work, and couples who choose not to marry. In these tough times, the government should be helping families not judging them.

Don’t Judge My Family believes the £600m earmarked for tax breaks could be far better spent to help families, relationships and giving kids the best start in life. We  have launched a call for evidence to showcase alternative ideas.