Help don’t judge advent calendar

At Don’t Judge My Family, the campaign against marriage tax breaks, we don’t believe that the government should be using £700m of taxpayers’ money to judge one type of family over another. We think in these tough times, the government should be helping families not judging them. So over the summer we launched our call for evidence and asked you how you’d better spend the £700m currently earmarked for marriage tax breaks. We got hundreds of great responses – thank you! We’ve turned the 24 most popular ideas into an advent calendar, and there’s a also a full report.

We hope you’ll click every day to see your better ideas, tell others and then tell us your even better ideas by email, twitter @dontjudgemy using the hashtag #helpdontjudge or facebook 

Despite these many useful alternatives we’re giving the Government, we still expect that on Thursday the Chancellor will (again) announce he is going ahead with marriage tax breaks in the autumn statement. This means that there will probably be a vote on it in the House of Commons early next year.

We believe the marriage tax allowance wastes £700m of public money to promote a fantasy 1950s family- one with a “breadwinner” and a “homemaker”. It discriminates against working parents, widows and widowers, single parents and people who chose not to marry. And we’ll carry on campaigning until the Government reverses the marriage tax allowance and spends the money helping families, not judging them.

In the meantime, happy advent!