Institute of Fiscal Studies: marriage tax allowance a “signal”

In today’s Telegraph a spokesperson from the widely respected and independent Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) has described the marriage tax allowance as a “signal” and of “symbolic value”.

The IFS adds that it believes that the amount received would not be a “massive incentive” to marry and that”our evidence suggests that even if it did encourage people to get married, it wouldn’t necessarily have a dramatic effect on children’s outcomes”.

Don’t Judge My Family now hopes that the Government will reconsider its commitment to a marriage tax allowance now that the IFS has declared it won’t actually help families.

This signal is going to cost us over half a billion pounds. Only payable to a third of married couples, that have a breadwinner and a homemaker, it discriminates against many modern families who come in all shapes and sizes, including families with single parents, widows and widowers, couples who both work and couples who chose not to marry.

The commitment to a marriage tax allowance isn’t about keeping families together; it’s about keeping the Tory party together. We believe the Government should be spending the estimated £550m on helping all families, not judging them.