Lib Dems and marriage tax breaks

Nick Clegg has sent a “letter from the leader” to Liberal Democrat members asking them who is right over free school meals and marriage tax breaks. Members are asked to add their names to a petition which tells David Cameron that his priorities are wrong.

We agree with Nick Clegg’s sentiment but don’t understand how he can vocally oppose the marriage tax allowance while asking his MPs to abstain on a vote which will lead to them being introduced.

There’s also a great article in today’s Liberal Democrat Voice by Lib Dem member Laura Willoughby. She argues that money spent on the marriage tax allowance (£700m) could be better spent providing more school meals for more children (the current proposals are for free school meals for 5-7 year olds).

Laura demonstrates the opposition felt by Lib Dems as expressed in an uncontested conference motion:

“the proposed marriage tax allowance, that would give certain types of married couples a tax break, is discriminatory, unnecessary and expensive . Conference therefore resolves to oppose and repeal the proposed marriage tax allowance at the earliest opportunity.”

Laura concludes by asking colleagues in Westminster to “stand strong”.

We couldn’t agree more.