Marriage is the “gold standard” says Tory Minister

While giving evidence in Parliament today, Maria Miller, the Secretary of State for Culture and Minister for Woman and Equalities, made it clear that she certainly does not think all families are equal.

And in response to a question from Labour MP, Chris Bryant, who is in a civil partnership, about whether they should be extended to straight people she said:

“This bill is all about extending marriage. That is what we believe is the gold standard. That is what people aspire to.”

She explained that she believed that¬†marriage provided “strength of commitment” that society could “thrive on”

Chris Bryant suggested that she “rethink” her language.

Families up and down the country will be outraged that Maria Miller sees fit to judge who has a “gold standard” relationship and who does not. ¬†This government is intent on telling us that marriage is better than any other loving and committed relationship. Our campaign aims to tell them something back – don’t judge my family.