Letter to The Times: Marriage tax allowance: one step forward, two steps back


You report that the Prime Minister is coming under pressure to reward marriage through the tax system in order to appease those in his party who disagree with gay marriage (“Tax break for married couples to avert revolt on gays”, 30th January 2013). It is ironic that progress in one area of social policy will be offset by regression in another. The proposed marriage tax allowance would only go to a third of married couples – primarily those consisting of a breadwinner and a homemaker. By promoting an outdated 1950s family model the Prime Minister will undo all the progress made so far in modernising the Conservative Party and alienate all of us who believe that the state has no role in judging what makes a good family.

The Conservatives say they want to “send a signal” that marriage is better than any other relationship. Our campaign launches on 1st February to send a signal back – don’t judge my family.

Josie Cluer

Don’t Judge My Family Campaign Director