Marriage tax breaks of £1,000

David Cameron has written in the Daily Mail outlining his plans for married couples tax allowance. We believe great families come in all shapes and sizes and that government has no right to judge how we live our lives.

A couple of points to remember:

* The tax break only goes to around a third of all married couples – those with a breadwinner and a homemaker

* The amount of the personal allowance that can be transferred is £1000. This is worth around £200 a year

* The tax break discriminates against widows and widowers, single parents, the 1 in 4 kids who grow up in a single parent family, couples where neither work, couples where both work, unmarried cohabiting couples…

* Many couples who benefit are actually pensioners, whose children are grown up

We say:

“The marriage tax allowance is going to cost over £700m and would give £200 a year to only a third of married couples: those with a breadwinner and a homemaker. It’s a “signal” that the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies says won’t actually help families and that even MPs pushing for it in Parliament admit won’t encourage people to marry or stay married.

It won’t help single parents, widows and widowers, cohabiting couples and married couples who both go out to work. It’s about promoting a fantasy 1950s family and won’t go to many of the families who most need support the most. In these tough times Government should be helping families; not judging them.”

Don’t Judge My Family is holding a call for evidence. We want to know how you would better spend £700m that the marriage tax allowance would cost to support families, sustain relationships or give children the best start in life.