No such thing as a free school lunch

Today, Nick Clegg will announced to much applause that the government is going to bring in free school lunches for all children at primary school. But there’s no such thing as a free school lunch. It’s the deal the Liberal Democrats have done to to let their Conservative colleagues implement marriage tax breaks, about which we expect to hear more from Mr Cameron at his party conference. Don’t forget – marriage tax breaks are not about helping children: they wouldn’t help the 1 in 4 children who grow up in a single parent family, and actually, most of the couples who will get it don’t have children living at home at all. They’re actually about judging our families and promoting an out of date view of family life where one person is a breadwinner and the other is a homemaker.

Our call for evidence asks you how you’d spend the same amount of money set aside for marriage tax breaks to help families, relationships, or giving kids the best start in life.