Still absolutely committed to marriage tax allowance…

David Cameron today told ITV News that he was (still) absolutely committed to the marriage tax allowance.

In an interview, before visiting a nursery in Loughborough, the PM was asked whether he intended to help mothers who have decided to stay at home by introducing a marriage tax allowance. Despite the allowance not having been introduced, again, in this year’s budget the PM said “Yes we absolutely will. In this parliament we will make sure legislation is there.”

What both the reporter and David Cameron both fail to acknowledge is that the marriage tax allowance will only help married women (or men – although the language, from the pro campaigners themselves, is always about mums) who choose to look after their children full time. It won’t help children of unmarried parents, whether in a cohabiting and committed relationship or a single parent, whether separated or widowed.

We’re not here to judge any parent’s decision – whether to stay at home or work full or part time. And we don’t believe the Government should either. The marriage tax allowance will cost over half a billion pounds. That’s money we believe could be spent on every family, whether through better provision of childcare or family counselling, not just the children of parents who make decisions this Government approves of.

Incidentally, in the same interview the PM said it was parent’s responsibility to ensure their children were never exposed to Page 3. It would probably need two stay at home parents to do that…

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