The real Tory manifesto

Today Tory MPs launched the real Tory manifesto.

As well as including proposals to bring back the death penalty, dictate what people can wear in public places (not a burka) and renaming the August bank holiday “Margaret Thatcher Day” it also includes bringing in a marriage tax allowance.

The marriage tax allowance would spend a massive £500m on the few families that meet the Tories’ fantasy fifties family ideal – married with a breadwinner and a homemaker. It is totally out of touch with modern family life. Great families come in all shapes and sizes – the Tories fantasy fifties family just shows how out of touch the Tories are. The Tories want to send a signal that marriage is best. Our campaign sends a signal back: don’t judge my family!

You can read an article in the Telgraph that includes more of those policies here